Hello, and Happy Holidays to you all!

I’m Myriam Vega, the new intern for the marketing and communications department here at Springfield Technical Community College.

I am enrolled in our business program and intend to graduate with an associate in business next semester. I am extremely excited for my new journey and what’s to come next. I decided to come here to STCC not only because it was close to home but because I was referred by students who graduated and spoke highly of the college.

Today, I feel very happy I enrolled because the staff has been extremely helpful including the professors who really showed their passion and caring for their students. I can say my experience here has been phenomenal and I will continue to refer friends and family. I love to support my local businesses and schools where I grew up. It feels rewarding to support my hometown and watch it grow and succeed.

I can sincerely say that I’ve met some great professors that made my experience here at STCC so much more at ease. We all have those uncertain feelings throughout our college years where we need some direction and so having clarity from staff made my experience here so much better. If you need direction and help, consider the Student Success Center, which does a great job supporting students.

To give you some background about myself, I’m not only a STCC student, but I am a mommy to a five-year-old prince name Janiel. He is my motivation to keep pushing towards my education and goals. I am in the process of building an online family matching boutique as well as doing photography as a hobby. I have a passion for the fashion industry and love the boutique and photography atmosphere.

I am extremely happy to see where my role as an intern for the marketing department here at STCC will bring me. I love growing, learning, taking risks and challenging myself. I am excited to apply my experiences and creativity into the department.

I’m also excited to work with our highly trained and experienced staff. I would love to thank Gloryvee Diaz, our internship coordinator in the workforce department for encouraging me into this internship position. She helped me throughout the process of the search and is very kind and helpful. Please reach out to her if you’re looking for an internship opportunity within your program. Email gdiaz@stcc.edu.

I would like to help you in any way. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions: myriam.vega@ymail.com. I’m also excited to help tell the stories of students at STCC. Let me know about yourself and the journey that brought you to STCC. We may be able to feature you in a video, article or on social media.

Lastly, I encourage you all to take advantage of the many programs we offer to guide you into a successful future.