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At first, I thought it would be hard since the class has a lot of reading to it. But our professor was so nice that he gave us a PowerPoint that summarizes all the reading that we need to learn. I only took biology once when I was in high school and I only thought that we’re going to discuss the same old thing. But when we started the class and looked into the discussion it’s like a whole new field of learning. It’s like the class welcomed us in a whole new environment of learning that wants you to have more of it.

We talk about watersheds and riparian systems which is the first time I even heard that word before. This watersheds and riparian system need to be protected because it’s a big help to the environment and us people. This gives animals a home and a source of food. Also, these systems prevent flooding and preventing other toxic waste that comes from flooding. We also have the chance to meet speakers who study biology and working in professional fields. They gave us insights into what they do and how they contribute to the field of science. It was probably my favorite part since I’m still in college. I got the chance to meet and ask questions about them. In addition to that this course taught me a lot of proper methods of doing research. This is not the first time I made a research paper when I was in high school. Our research paper is twice as long as this one. But I realize that there are different approaches to creating a research paper.

This course taught us the full depth of research in how to analyze a problem and create methods that work systematically to our chosen topic. My topic is about incorporating carbon fiber as the material in creating cars and other transportation since it has a lot of advantages like its light weightiness and high tensile strength. My poster will show you why carbon fiber is an efficient material by showing you graphs, and other researchers that also used carbon fiber in their design, and how I created a 3D model that shows how carbon fiber is super lightweight and still maintains the safeness of the car. I’m really glad that I took this class because it pushes me further into my goal as a design engineer someday. 

By Lee Braul
Mechanical Engineering Technology
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