STEM Week 2022 offered a variety of student-centered events, including a career fair on Oct. 20 organized by the STEM Center.

Students received information abou career paths in several different science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs.  Students had the opportunity to meet with STEM Center staff, faculty, and other students in STEM majors.

“I wanted to give them an idea of what it’s going to look like when they graduate from STCC,” said Marlene Johnson, Title V Grant Project Director.

Johnson spoke to them about salaries in STEM fields. “A lot of students don’t necessarily know about how much earning potential they can get with a STEM degree,” Johnson said. “It’s important to know that they make incrementally more money.”

Andrea Gedeon, a staff member, tries out a virtual reality system in the STEM Center

Johnson discussed top positions that align with STCC majors and what graduates can potentially make.

One of the students who attended, Christian Mendoza, is studying Optics and Photonics, a STEM program that he likes for its hands-on training.

“I like how non-intimidating it is, because I’m a non-traditional student,” Mendoza said. “I’ve been out of school for about seven years.”

Mendoza said the STEM Center is a terrific resource for students. “I can come to the STEM Center and hang out. There are a ton of people who want to see us succeed. I feel like when I graduated from high school, I went to a different state school and I didn’t get the support that I needed. I was lost in the process,” he said.

The STEM Center is located in Putnam Hall (B17), Room 425. Call (413) 755-4660 for information or email Visit

The following STCC-sponsored events were part of STEM Week 2022 on campus:

  • Oct. 17, Intro to STEM Festival, outside Putnam Hall (Building 17);
  • Oct. 18, Egg Drop Build and Competition, parking lot between Deliso Hall and the Student Learning Commons (Buildings 13 and 19);
  • Oct. 19, Doughnuts with the Deans, STEM Center, Putnam Hall (Building 17), Room 425;
  • Oct. 20, STEM Career Day, STEM Center;
  • Oct. 21, Family Science Night, Scibelli Hall (Building 2) gym and auditorium.