The Equity Leaders and Guides (EL&G) faculty from Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) gathered on May 4 at the Carberry Art Gallery to celebrate their semester-long equity work and to appreciate the creative expressions of STCC students.

The Fine Arts Exhibition, on display through May 10, showcases the talent and diversity of the college’s student body.

Mary Wiseman, Director of Instructional Innovation and Faculty Investment, emphasized the importance of this event by saying, “Celebrating equity work amongst the student artwork helps us all raise cultural awareness and view our students from another perspective.”

The art exhibition served as an opportunity for the faculty to connect their equity work with the unique artistic expressions of STCC students.

The STCC student fine arts exhibition showcases various forms of art, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and digital media. Each piece highlights the diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds of the student artists, reflecting the rich cultural diversity of STCC’s student body.

By visiting the art exhibition, the EL&G faculty underscored the importance of providing an inclusive environment where students can express themselves freely and creatively.

The semester-long equity work conducted by the EL&G faculty has been instrumental in promoting cultural awareness, understanding, and acceptance across the campus.

Sondra Peron, Coordinator of The Amy H. Carberry Art Gallery, expressed her thanks. “Your invaluable time and perceptive appreciation for the creative work of our STCC students enrolled in fine arts courses is truly cherished,” she said. “The sun peaked out from behind the clouds JUST long enough for us to enjoy the wonders of the camera obscura room, which is celebrating its ten-year anniversary [see image below].

The visit to the Carberry Art Gallery by the EL&G faculty not only celebrated their equity work but also demonstrated the importance of appreciating and valuing the diverse artistic expressions of STCC’s student body. As Mary Wiseman noted, it offers a new perspective on cultural awareness, helping to create an inclusive and equitable environment that supports the academic and artistic growth of all students.

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