In the spring, the Plant Propagation class grew Sweet Corn in the greenhouse.  130 plants were grown outside the greenhouse this summer.  

Landscape Design and Management Technology is going to raffle off a pair of homemade Adirondack chairs this coming May.  The students built one chair in April.  Another will be built to make a pair.  

The students had to read plans, transfer dimensions to paper to make a pattern for each piece and then transfer the pattern to wood.  They cut out the pieces, sand and file the edges, and follow instructions to build the chair.  Prior to assembling, the pieces are painted where they join together so that there are no unfinished surfaces.  Stainless steel screws are used.  Exterior paint is used.  Three coats.  

The person with the closest guess as to how many ears of corn the 130 plants produce will be credited for 10 free tickets to win the pair of Adirondack chairs.  Tickets will be $2.00 each this spring.  

Everyone who participates will be credited for 2 free tickets.

Email Tom Smith with your guess.  

Submissions will be accepted up until October 15th.  The ears will be picked during the next week or two.
All ears will be counted even if they are only partially developed.

Send your ear of corn number guess to