Nathan Futrell ’23

Nathan Futrell spoke about Electrical Engineering Technology at STCC after completing his senior capstone project.

“This is a great program. I am living my dream right now. It got me into the coolest job ever. I cannot be grateful enough.

“The hands-on education is second to none. There is something special happening here that Professor Rick Jagodowski has started. It’s one thing to learn things about theory, but he encourages working with stuff hands on – building things and applying. That’s what I really appreciated.

“It’s prepared me well in the field to be a trouble shooter, a problem solver. I can be a builder too. I got a great job through the program. I work for L3 Harris in Northampton. I found them at the STCC Career Fair.”

Paula Garcia ’23

Paula Garcia of Chicopee is graduating from the Electrical Engineering Technology program in 2023. In high school, she studied in an electrician program and graduated at 16. When she came to STCC, she decided the EET program was a good fit.

“I like working with my hands and trying to open up a computer and understand what it’s doing,” she said. “I enjoyed every course in this program.”

Paula Garcia

Garcia said she enjoyed working with the automated machinery, such as the Fanuc robot. “Everything we did here was really fun,” she said.

With graduation around the corner, she is weighing job offers.

Garcia was one of two women in the program. While it’s a field dominated by men, she encourages anyone to consider Electrical Engineering Technology.

“Anyone can do it,” she said. “Everybody is treated the same way here. I am super comfortable here.”