What does having an equitable and inclusive syllabus mean? How you write, the language and tone you use, and the information you share convey so much more than just “how the class will work.” 

Faculty explore what makes syllabi better at workshop.

Twenty-seven faculty and staff attended an Equitable Syllabus Workshop held simultaneously both in person and virtually by the instructional designers from STCC’s Center for Online and Digital Learning [CODL]. 15 faculty attended in person and 12 via Zoom.

Attendees, held at the end of the fall semester, explored what makes syllabi better during this hands-on workshop. When asked to identify one practice or workshop topic they will consider incorporating into your syllabus, one faculty answered, “I will be revising my welcome, inclusivity, and sensitive subject statements to better invite students to participate in the course conversations.”

Other attendees commented, “Learning about the different components that an equitable syllabus encompasses and what they mean” is important. “The workshop practice activities were also helpful in opening our eyes to what our syllabi might be missing,” and “Getting a chance to explore/discuss/work on something that I can use in my own class is valuable.”

Another Equitable Syllabus Workshop is being planned for May 17, 2023.  Consult the Professional Day Workshop Calendar and pencil this into your own calendar. This workshop is attendee rated a 5 out of 5!