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My first impression going into this class was that it was very different from what I had first expected. I knew it was going to be something out of my comfort zone. For an advanced course, fitting into just a short amount of six weeks, I knew was going to be intense. It was overwhelming the first couple of weeks because my background knowledge about ecology and research was not too strong. I learned really quickly that there was going to be a lot of work I would have to put into this course in a very short time. I’ve never taken an online course and done ZOOM meetings. Which was interesting, fun and different. Professor Randir helped us every week, answering questions and even individually meeting up with us afterwards. I learned a lot from this course and I would definitely do it again. It was comforting and motivating to see familiar faces in the class. The mentors were amazing with all the extra help and were awesome support.

From reviewing our work, giving us study guides and simply just reaching out to us. We also had the chance to meet speakers who study biology and work in professional fields related to the STEM program. The guest speakers were informative and I liked the different ideas they shared with the class. Overall, I really enjoyed this class. The STEM program is a really awesome educational platform and I’m glad to have this opportunity to be a part of it which brought me to take this course.

By Alijhalis Dias
Liberal Arts/General Studies
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