December is ‘Debt Management’ Month!

It’s hard to believe, but 2022 will be here before you know it! As we embark on a new year, you may have intentions of reducing your own personal debt, whether by paying off your credit cards, paying down that car loan, or making a few extra mortgage payments along the way. Great! Although some debt in life is usually unavoidable, excessive debt can be extremely unproductive and downright stressful to us.

Some people are able to manage their debt effectively, and some people are not. However, proper debt management is ‘key’ to having a successful financial future, so learning more about this topic and then actually ‘doing’ what is needed to properly manage it is extremely important.

You probably have several questions in this area, and again, everyone’s situation is different. However, don’t procrastinate any longer; get your debt situation in check before the new year begins to put yourself on a smooth and steady road to financial security!

December’s ‘Homework’: Think of ‘3’ debt-related questions that may apply to you that you want to learn more about, and post them on this blog site with your name and contact information. Every person who does so will receive a ‘free’ debt consultation with Prof. Rondinelli to review your situation and get you the answers you need to ensure that you are properly managing your debt!”

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