SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – The Honors Program at Springfield Technical Community College has been like a potter on the wheel experience for me . This program helped me to raise the standard for my education, even though I never thought in a million years that I would be a successful student.

I remember my first meeting with Professor John Diffley. During this time I was nervous and kind of on the fence about my abilities to be successful while in the Honors Program. As professor Diffley was explaining information about how the program works, my inner spirit became alive with excitement. I felt as though something had been awoken in me. That feeling was the professor’s words of encouragement giving me  a desire to be all that I could be while I am in college.

I dropped out of school in the seventh grade and never returned until 2014 in the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program for adults. It took me five years to complete my GED tests and that was part of the reason I felt a little discouraged. Being in the Honors Program caused me to step out of fear, self-doubt, and helped me see myself in a different light.

The reason I describe the Honors Program as the potter’s wheel is because this program shapes an individual to be successful. I have found great leadership through the course of Psychology of Love with Professor Eric Brown. Professors challenge you to dig  or search deeper for the truth and learn a more thorough concept of what’s been taught.

We studied in Psychology of Love what is true love. Most people think that being in a sexual relationship meant true love. But can sexual conduct keep two individuals together? After completing this course I came to understand that true love is patient, kind, long suffering, doesn’t boast and endures.

The Honors Program brought out my greater qualities that I never knew were there. I was able to create my own projects and present them to the class. Classroom support was amazing from my peers. I would definitely recommend anyone to consider joining the honors program.

My GPA is 3.6. Who would have thought that I would be here? Professor Diffley provided so much support during this time. He always  made himself available to guide, lead and answer questions that we had.

The STCC Honors Program will help students acknowledge their greater qualities.  Today because of the honors program, the feeling of doubt and fear have been spun out of my life and replaced with the thought that I can achieve if I work hard.

I am confident  in myself and there’s nothing that I can’t do. I am most grateful for the amazing experience that I’ve had in the Honors Program. By sharing my experience I hope it draws others to the challenge themselves as well.

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