It was another successful sweet event put on by Student Activities on Thursday.

The held a drive-through dessert event featuring treats from around the world on a warmer-than-usual mid-December day. One-hundred signed up for the dessert party and picked up a variety of tasty offerings. The party featured custard tarts (Portugal), kheer (India), churros (Mexico), Italian cookies and flan and tembleque (Puerto Rico). The desserts came from Ludlow Central Bakery, Panjabi Tadka, Sabores, Russo’s Bakery and Puerto Rico Bakery & Restaurant.

Student Ambassadors Adreanna Rivera and Phung Nguyen handed out bags of desserts to students who walked up to the table and cars that pulled into the parking lot in front of the Student Learning Commons.

“This is a good way to get students food and have them come to campus and experience what we’re doing in Student Activities,” Adreanna said.

Phung said COVID-19 has meant many students have had fewer chances to come to campus. “This event can bring people together, meet up with each other, talk with each other. A little bit of human contact makes people feel better” Phung said.

Andrea Tarpey, student activities coordinator who was at the table with the students, said the drive-through event was a safe way to bring students together as the fall semester comes to a close. At the beginning of the semester, Student Activities handed out back to school kits in a drive-up event.