Springfield Technical Community College’s Professional Day will be held in person on Thursday, Aug. 31, from 8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Events will take place in Scibelli Hall (Building 2). Registration begins at 8:15 a.m. Be sure to register in Building 2 when you arrive. Attendance for active adjunct faculty is voluntary, but those attending will be eligible to receive $100 for the day or $50 for half of the day. 

Coffee, tea and juice will be available. Please bring a refillable water bottle to fill from the water fountain outside the gym.

Professional Day begins with opening remarks by Dr. Cook, who will welcome back faculty and staff. He will introduce Dr. Christopher Thuot, who recently joined STCC as Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Dr. Lillian Ortiz, Interim Assistant Vice President of Advancement.

Morning sessions will focus on the STCC Momentum Strategic Plan 2023-2028.

Following a lunch for faculty and staff at noon in the gym, Dr. Cook will announce recipients of the Joseph J. Deliso, Sr., and Anthony M. Scibelli Endowed Chairs.

Dr. Mary Ann Winkelmes, TILT Higher Education, will offer a presentation titled, “How Transparency in Learning and Teaching Improves the Equity of Student Success.”

Afternoon sessions include (from 1:40-2:30):

  • Emergency Preparedness: Active Shooter Training, Room 318
  • Five Steps to Provide Transparency for STCC Students Now [TILT], Room 205-206
  • Information Technology IT Help Us Help You, Room 201
  • Overview of the Policy on Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity (PAA), Room 204
  • Through the Scope: Building Veteran Inclusivity, Room 312

From 2:40-3:30:

  • How to Advise Math @ STCC, Room 312
  • IT Security: Keeping Your Inbox Safe, Room 201
  • Small Change & Large Gains: EL&G Panelists Discuss [TILT], Room 205-206
  • Employee Assistance Programs to Support Your Well-being, Room 204
  • What We Think We Know About AI and ChatGPT, Room 318