Springfield Technical Community College men’s and women’s basketball teams are looking for a winning and exciting seasons with action on and off the court.

The next home games are Tuesday, Nov. 30, against Hudson Valley Community College. Tipoff time is 5 p.m. for women and 7:30 for men. The games are played in the gymnasium in Scibelli Hall, Building 2.

Ed Guczek, head coach for the women’s team, is excited to be working with players with diverse backgrounds.

“This year, we’re very fortunate to have players from different parts of the country – different cultures, different nationalities that have come to Springfield to play basketball,” Guczek said. “They love the experience.

“This year has been exciting,” the coach added. “We’ve played against competitive teams. Everybody came together playing as one, and they’re able to play hard, and play with a lot of heart. I’m really proud that we have this group this year and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.”

On the women’s team are three recruits from the Navajo Nation: Quiana Dishface, Zoey Lynn Natonabah and Lakoda Jim. (Read their story here).

The three women were invited to speak as part of the student edition of the We the Women series. Their virtual talk will be held on Nov. 29, 12:15.

Their talk coincides with Native American Heritage Month, which is being celebrated in November. They will share their heritage and culture, as well as the challenges they have had to overcome to get to where they are today.

There also has been some media interest in their stories. Stay tuned. ….