SPRINGFIELD, Mass.Springfield Technical Community College’s wrestling program hosted the inaugural 2023 National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) Massachusetts state wrestling championships on Feb. 5 at its home gym and came out on top in team standings.

STCC went up against squads from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northeastern University.  Team standings are as follows:

1. STCC – 325.5 points

2. UMass – 119 points

3. MIT – 76 points

3. Northeast – 76 points

Head coach Alberto Nieves said the STCC team looks forward to hosting and trying to defend the Northeast conference championships on Feb. 25.

Results by weight for the men’s division:

125                                          133                                          141

1st Dylan Beddow –STCC           1st Michael Gonzalez-STCC        1st Kalil Shabazz-STCC

2nd Mark Zavatkay-STCC           2nd Matthew Clayton-STCC        2nd Noah Ramos-UMASS

3rd Matt Ginz-STCC                    3rd Beckett Hermann-STCC        3rd Noah Faverman-UMASS

4th Dakota Humphries-STCC                                                       4th Jamali Masarone-STCC

5th Liam Campbell-UMASS

6th Harrison Broad-NE 

149                                          157                                          165

1st Ian Darling-Northeastern     1st James Lunt-STCC                  1st Jolan Martori-STCC

2nd Joe Podolak-STCC                2nd Elias Maita-UMASS              2nd Clay Lewis-MIT

3rd Ryan Williams-STCC             3rd Gabrial Smith-NE                 3rd Reece Cakvin-NE

4th Lucas Welling-NE                 4th Eric Gai-MIT                         4th Mitchell Aarons-STCC

                                                                                                5th Jared Mayo-UMASS

                                                                                                6th Aiden Gilchrist-NE

                                                                                                 7th Davon Hubbard-NE

                                                                                                8th Jayden Fuentes-UMASS

174                                          184                                          197

1st Sam Calvert-MIT                  1st Jason Young-UMASS            1st Johnny Andre-STCC

2nd Maxwell Pozner-UMASS      2nd Trace St. Julian-MIT             2nd Joseph Perkins-NE

3rd Todd Chiasson-UMASS         3rd Brandan O’neil-MIT             3rd Davyn Peterson-STCC

4th Dan Castalsi_UMASS              4th Alan Van Gorder-UMASS     4th Dylan Krauskops-UMASS

5th Andrew Winsor-NE 

6th William Cournoyer-STCC

235                                           285

1st Shawn Conniff-STCC            1st Jacob Gariepy-STCC

2nd Joshua Kravets-UMASS        2nd Xavier Charles-STCC

3rd Ryan Eplite-STCC

4th Ramell Acquah-STCC

5th James Simon-MIT