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The challenge and rigor of Biology 117 motivated me to devote more of my time to the work put in, and encouraged me to seek deeper levels of thought and analysis. All of the information provided during lectures and discussions was really helpful to me in pinpointing aspects of careers that I liked.

All of the guest speakers were very informative and I liked hearing about other STEM occupations and noticing trends from one to another. The research project was similar to my high school science fair, in that we were required to follow a scientific method, carry out an experiment met by analysis, and draw conclusions and future research options on it. Although, this class took the idea a step further by teaching me how to incorporate various methods of analysis, as well as ways to show my information, such as through graphs and charts.

I learned how to better identify proper ways of conveying information that suit my project. This class helped me to really value STEM and all of its components and it made me feel as if I was a part of something very exciting. I am proud to be a student in STEM, and meeting with other classmates, professors and guest speakers involved in STEM reinforced this feeling. Some of the topics covered in this class helped me to really see what else STEM consisted of.

Previously, I had thought of STEM as mainly science and math. Although, after hearing from so many others, I realized that STEM encompasses a lot of different jobs and careers. And, if it does not entirely encompass a job, its components can still be found and utilized within that job. STEM is very important to us as a society and, with the help of this class, I learned just how vital it is to humanity, as well as how significant it is to this world. I am extremely glad to have taken this opportunity and am very grateful for all of the professors, teachers and speakers that put an abundance of effort into making it a wonderful experience.

By Erika Kovalski
Biology Transfer
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