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I’ve learned a lot in BIO 117 these past few weeks. Honestly, I learned more than I originally thought I would. The class has been very intriguing and has done an amazing job for the choice of curriculum and how it was taught by our professor, who I respect and appreciate the time he’s taken with all of us. There’s a real sense of cooperation that I admire here. Every professor, speaker and student have all been great to work with and learn from. This is what I imagined when I used to think about going back to school (minus the whole pandemic thing). Specifically, with me being a biotech (now a biomedical because of the virus) student, I was very invested in learning about the different applications of research and ways of conducting research and analyzing data.

I enjoyed learning about the scientific method again, and being asked questions that really tested my understanding of the method, encouraging me to get a firm grasp on it. I loved the symposium and all the speakers who told us not only their own journeys in STEM, but also gave us advice for our own experience in the program. Overall, I really loved this class. I’m not good with expressing that verbally or through the faces I make on Zoom, but I really have enjoyed this class. I’m happy I signed up for it, when my first thought if I going to be to pass it up.

By Javone Davis
Biotechnology/Biomedical Engineering
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