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Coming into this class, I was not quite sure what to expect, and I was nervous about taking a course in only five weeks. In the first meeting, I was surprised to see so many different majors while also recognizing some classmates from previous classes. From nursing majors to engineering majors, my fellow students came from many different backgrounds. Once we started lectures, I found myself being increasingly more engaged and interested in the material.

As a biology major, I enjoyed hearing about topics such as ecology and environmental research. But even when learning about subjects like public health and statistics, the class formatting and teaching style kept it interesting. One of my favorite aspects of this class was this variety of material; we had the opportunity to listen to many guest speakers from different fields. Doing so has broadened my horizons and given me a better understanding of potential STEM careers. My classmates also provided diverse perspectives, both through comments in class and their poster presentations.

When it came to researching and designing my poster, I was not quite sure where to start but Professor Rhandir provided students with excellent research resources as well as input and constant support. Students can create their posters on almost any topic that is of interest to them; as I am interested in ecology, I chose to do mine on invasive species, their effects, and their management. I learned so much more than I expected and gained practical experience in doing research. Overall, I am so grateful for the opportunity to take this course. At the beginning of the class, I would never have thought that I would learn so much in such a short time. I feel confident that I have gained skills in research and analysis and that these skills will prove useful for the rest of my educational and professional career.

By Katrina Wilkinson
Biology Transfer
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