Opening Picnic featured free food, music, gifts and plenty of sunshine on Sept. 14.

Student Activities’ event, the first in-person picnic since 2019, brought students, faculty and staff together on the lawn outside of the Student Learning Commons. Three food trucks offered a variety of items to eat, from falafel, burgers and BBQ pork sandwiches to Cantina Cubanos and corn tortillas with savory fillings. For dessert, students, staff and faculty could choose between ice cream and fried dough.

“It makes (students) excited to come to school,” said Felicia Seymour, a student ambassador who handing out drinks. “It’s very important for the morale of the students, especially since Covid was so hard on everybody, being home and isolated. To be able to do this in person is amazing.”

Student Ariana Socha, who is studying health science, said, “It’s nice. I like the food trucks. I think that was a good idea.”

Class President Drew Torres said, “This is an amazing time today. We’ve got great food, great vibes and great experiences. We got everybody together today. Covid was crazy but we’re all here now, and this is what we love to do.”