The Department of Early Childhood Education at STCC is doing what teachers do best: adapting. By acknowledging current challenges and accepting change, the department has made a series of improvements to curriculum and individual courses, which has enhanced the overall academic experience for pre-service teachers. Exciting new courses have been added to our offerings, and a revamped student teaching experience provides students with a rich and compelling capstone.

While we are deeply focused on the “now”—improving our processes and course experiences for current students, we are also forward thinking about post-COVID teaching and learning.  The department strives to model the flexibility and positivity needed for a fulfilling and successful career in the field of education. We will continue to ask ourselves every day, “How can we best support and prepare a new generation of teachers at STCC?”

This report shows that the Early Childhood Education Department is committed to continual growth.  Connecting current and prospective students with the highest quality programming possible remains our top priority. The professors in our courses understand that our students have big dreams—and are also living real and busy lives.  Our courses are developed with the student in mind.  We provide support from the minute a student comes into the Education Department—right up until they graduate and earn a teacher’s license from the MA EEC. 

Our long term goals are simple: We hope to continue to provide early childhood educators in the Greater Springfield Area with access to a high-caliber, innovative teacher preparation program.  When our early childhood professionals are well-trained and confident in their skill set, children and families reap the benefits.  Our program continues to grow and recruit enthusiastic educators; whether it be first timers who have never been in a teaching role before, to seasoned early childhood professionals looking to enhance current skills, we meet every student where they are and support them as they grow into their full potential.

The Early Childhood Education Department at STCC stands out for its support of each student as an individual.  We strive to embrace students exactly where they are in their life’s path, and walk with them on their unique educational journey.