I am a late bloomer when it comes to technology.

This winter I faced a challenge, but I learned a very valuable lesson out of it. I learned that being in college can be difficult, but there are people put in place to assist with guidance, compassion, and knowledge to help you through.

In the winter semester I enrolled in a computer course at Springfield Technical Community College. I know a little about computers, but not enough to feel confident in every task. The school was out for winter break, although I was able to complete my assignments. The final project seemed difficult for me.

I was ready to give up. Then the most amazing thing happens. I got out of work around 3 pm one day. I always check my phone when I get into my car. There was a message from Adam Lee. And I can’t express how much relief came over me as I read his message.

Adam asked me if I had time to meet through Zoom that day. When I accepted his invite all anxiety decreased and while talking with him I became less worried about not completing my final project. While working with Adam Lee I learned so much about computers that I am able to use what he taught for my job.

Adam was kind and very patient. It’s almost as if he was my angel sent from up above. Adam had no problem taking time out of his schedule and away from his family to accommodate my education.

Adam showed me different tools that assist better when putting projects together. There were times when I got so emotional because he showed that he cared and that he understood. I remember at one point I opened up to him sharing my life story. He never judged but he could relate, and he shared  that he’s overcome many obstacles and encouraged me to continue on my journey.

I am encouraging everyone to reach out to Adam Lee. He is a student at STCC who  works as the Supplemental Instruction Leader and Blackboard help desk support. Many people have different struggles that sometimes seem to knock us off our square, but Adam quoted “Die first then quit.” With the help from Adam I was able to successfully complete my final project and gain a friend as well. I am most grateful to you Adam, and I wish you much success in all your endeavors.

Adam said, “I didn’t want her to feel alone and left behind during a time where we had minimal student support at the college, so if I had to reach out at a time when no one else could have, that was the least I could do. It was the right thing to do. I know what it feels like to be helped in life, so it was my way of paying it forward.”