Since the beginning of the semester, instructional designers from the Center for Online and Digital Learning [CODL] have been facilitating weekly Expert to Classroom sessions with the STCC Mechanical Engineering Technology [MET] faculty. During this time, MET faculty gather to share their experiences, learn about pedagogy and practices in the classroom, rediscover campus student support systems, and underscore semester tasks. 

STEM Dean Lara Sharp adds, “This has been a great chance for experienced and new faculty and staff to share stories, strategies, and solutions about their students and classroom interactions.”

During the sessions, it is great to see the faculty work together to brainstorm creative solutions to help students. Examples include a gamified approach to a dry subject, a place for a student to take a nap, and managing mobile phones in the classroom. 

We start with a review of the series outline, then a check-in; something relevant to the week and topic. Many prompts can be recycled with their students. We’ll start with a presentation, then spend time on a group activity about learning and teaching. Utilizing the book 33 Strategies by Lisa M. Nunn, we put forth a teaching challenge related to the week’s topic. Finally, there is a review of academic processes and upcoming dates. Following the same structure, weekly, allows us to focus on content and discussion while incorporating previously learned materials.

“I love that we get faculty together to talk about teaching, issues and ideas, and engage with them as they find solutions and brainstorm collaboratively,” adds Kyle Stephanie Kraus, instructional designer. 

All STCC faculty can experience a self-guided experience. Visit Expert to Classroom Series on the CODL website to review the content, check out complete activities, share your experiences with us, explore pedagogy and practices in the classroom, campus events and semester tasks.

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