Students who are part of the TRIO SSS program receive an individual tutoring appointment with a tutor that helps with the subject material to make sure they raise or maintain their grades. 

TRIO SSS Tutoring consists of qualified Peer Tutors who are students themselves and understand the students’ academic concerns, and struggles. Because they’re students, they’re empathetic to our TRIO student’s academic needs. 

In addition, our peer tutors assist with study skills, test taking tips, note taking tips, and other online resources and tools that can help our students experience academic success.  Any STCC student can use TRIO tutoring on a walk-in-basis or by contacting the TRIO main office at

We are also hiring Peer Tutors for the 2021-2022 academic year. Any student interested in working as a peer tutor, or anyone who has questions about TRIO SSS Tutoring, should contact me at

TRIO SSS is part of the Student Affairs Division at STCC. The program assists students in adjusting to the college environment and helps them prepare for the transition either from college into a career or from STCC into a four-year college/university. The purpose of TRIO SSS is to assist students in maintaining good academic standing, experience academic achievement, increase persistence and college graduation, and promote transfer to a four-year college/university after earning an Associate’s degree. The program offers supportive services to project participants and emphasizes the importance of ongoing contact throughout the students’ time at STCC.