The STCC Diversity Speakers Series provides impressive opportunities for the STCC campus and the larger Springfield community to engage with individuals of wonderful and vast diverse interests, education, and identities. Speakers range from scientists to activists, authors and artists, community members to renowned faculty.  

For students developing their professional identity, it shows them their potential future. For many individuals, this is the first time someone represents their worldview and community. For others, it provides a glimmer of a possible future. These events serve as a bridge between the academic institution and the larger Springfield community, demonstrating open doors for dialogue.

In fall 2021, the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) and the Center for Online and Digital Learning (CODL) are kicking off Inclusivity in Instruction, a multi-faceted project to integrate the speaker series into classroom learning. Interested parties can visit Inclusivity in Instruction to learn more about theory, facilitation and implicit bias in teaching. Included on the site are speaker information and samples of classroom activities. Prior to each speaker, the OMA and CODL will host a Speaker Series Preview meeting to review speaker biographies, discuss assignments or activities, and discussion prompts for their classes. It will also be an excellent opportunity to share and ask questions.  

As educators, we know that learning can happen anywhere, not just in a classroom. When we take classroom learning and bridge to our professional work, our communities, and current events, we elevate our teaching practice and our student’s learning to new heights. We also know how influential and transformative an experience is when students see themselves represented in the work and actions of others. 

We hope this initiative will grow into something that all members of the campus community support and participate. We look forward to seeing you at the series. Please contact the Center for Online & Digital Learning at with any questions.