Math faculty Ann Simao and Instructional Designer Marisha Marks on Feb. 11 presented the closing session titled “Math in My World: Accessibility Through Choice of Assessment” for the Access Technology Higher Education Network (ATHEN) STEM Accessibility Conference: Starting with Math. Simao and Marks shared a math course in which students are provided with a choice of relevant and authentic assessments leading to mastery of learning and success. Facing the age-old question in math classes: “When will I ever use this?” Ann and Marisha have examined how to design courses with this question in mind. They:

  • Explained how student engagement grows exponentially.
  • Demonstrated how to incorporate journals to aid you in determining where students are struggling. Journal entries have been shown to increase student enjoyment for the practical application of course material.
  • Discussed the underlying Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework.
  • Provided practical examples.
  • Considered strategies for balancing faculty workload.

You can view the recording of Math in My World session at ATHEN. The session was repeated for the STCC community on March 1. You can view the recording of Math in My World session at STCC