Who would have thought you could do a competition from home? Well, STCC knew and made it happen and possible. And we got to participate in it! Being the first competition at STCC, the event was fun, memorable and beyond educational. I am glad we took the opportunity STCC had given us. From the first meeting to our second/final meeting, everything was exciting especially during the COVID-19. We were put together as a team to come up with a web design. We did, and it was perfect!

We had one week to come up with a unique web design to improve the success of students. My teammates and I responded to the challenge. We spent hours on the project despite at one point finding out that everything we were working on (completed website) got deleted two days before the competition.

Despite the challenges, we pulled through and got a new (second) running website back from scratch. We made a group chat so we could all know what’s happening and communicated to each other about every aspect of our web design – along with learning leadership skills, teamwork skills. There were some challenges along the way where we didn’t know what to place and where to place it, or how to operate the web designing correctly. As the saying goes, hard work pays off. It did and we mastered web designing!

I am proud of my team, Chris and Edgar and myself, for completing and participating in the competition where we learned and got to interact with some of our former professors. I would like to thank Professor Zahi Haddad for not only being such an awesome mentor but always being there to inspire you to do more, better and not to settle for less. We are proud to be part of STCC and thankful for this opportunity to participate in. Thank you,  Reena Randhir, Andrew Collins and the judges who organized the competition.

STCC Creates was produced by the STEM Starter Academy at STCC.