Joining STCC Creates, an online hackathon-like event presented by the STEM Starter Academy at STCC, helped me improve not just as a student but also as an aspiring engineer in the future. We learned how to manage our time and communicate efficiently. Since this is only a one-week competition, we only had limited time and resources to come up with a working simulation along with juggling our other subjects. We learned that to be an effective team all must collaborate and hear each other’s opinions before proceeding to the next step of the problem. This event was a challenge since not all students have the equipment for it. However, we still managed to break through those problems and created a beautiful website that will help the student at STCC in this time of need.

I like to give thanks to Professor Zee Haddad for guiding us in this STCC Creates event. Though he’s a busy man, he still managed to give time for us during the event and gives us confidence in presenting our work. I also like to thank Dr. Reena Randhir for hosting the event that ended with the students who are more inspired to take STEM careers.

Visit the website Lee created for STCC Creates. To learn more about the STEM Starter Academy at STCC, click here.