Team Members: Alex G Bowman, Nicholas Murphy, Artur Kaptyug, Taha Mousali, Yesenia Estrella

Team Mentor: Dr. Timothy Randhir

Hello Everyone. Yesenia here from Team Warriors and we were the winners! This event created an opportunity for me to do something outside of my comfort zone. This was an awesome experience for me. My fellow teammates were COMPLETELY understanding, and hard working. I personally feel that without these traits my team would have fell short. We worked round the clock and met up maybe a dozen or more times, outside of meeting with Professor Timothy Randhir, to screenplay and make changes accordingly.

We worked down to the last wire and we were SO happy that everyone enjoyed our presentation. I am a single mother with two little ones, so I found it hard to find quiet time to focus on the project. As a single parent my team understood that I wouldn’t be present at every meeting and they worked around my scheduled and filled me in. They really made me feel a part of the team and I never met them before the Create Event. Caring, determination, and drive are all things we need. I would also like to thank Professor Timothy Randhir for guiding us and providing critical feedback that sculpted our game into what it was on presentation day. I would like to thank STEM Starter Academy for providing me with the opportunity. I would recommend to try this workshop to those not sure what path they want to take in life and should the chance ever arise I would love to do it again.