STCC student Hayleigh Rosa started her STCC experience with the Gateway to College Program at STCC, while she was still in high school.  Currently a Biology major expecting to graduate in 2021, Hayleigh got a jump on her degree as a Gateway student.  Through the Gateway program, she completed all her developmental Math and English classes while still in high school, and took college-level classes as well, including prerequisites and requirements for her major.  In total, she graduated high school with 20 college credits — all before she had to spend money on college or dip into her pool of financial aid resources.

“Gateway meant a second chance to me, Hayleigh says, “a second chance to go to college and pursue my dreams that once seemed impossible. Gateway has taught me to create structure and also prepare me for college.  I have learned that hard work will prepare you for just about anything.  Gateway gives students a head start to their career paths. If you take the opportunity to learn and work hard, it will change your life.”

The Gateway to College Program at STCC is one of the Springfield Public Schools alternative high schools.  A partnership between Springfield Public Schools and Springfield Technical Community College, Gateway to College offers students an opportunity to earn high school credits and experience college early free of charge. Gateway covers the cost of tuition, fees, books, and public transportation. In addition, students  have access to all the supports and benefits available at STCC. 

Gateway students take all their classes at STCC, earning transferable college credits or placement for most classes.  Because the program is small, Gateway staff are able to provide individualized academic and personal support to help students achieve.  As Hayleigh puts it, “I am so thankful that I entered Gateway to College and I am also thankful for all the staff who are the core of the program. The staff are very hands-on with your decisions.  They allow you to lead while they guide you through your studies. I never once doubted my decision to enter Gateway. Thank you to the staff, the professors, and my family for allowing me to make my own decisions and for guiding me.:”

Gateway to College is currently taking applications.