Hello there! I’m Abigail Williams, majoring in Health Science at Springfield Technical Community College. Recently, I got to shine at STCC’s Celebration of Student Work event. This was my first research presentation, and it was a blast. In my Human Anatomy and Physiology class, we formed teams to research health topics. I landed in this fun team with Abigail and Tabarek and let me tell you, they have been my hype squad. Helen Keller was onto something when she said, ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’, team power, right?

The objective of this event was to celebrate student projects and invite an expert panelist to present on Renewable Energy. Since this event was organized by our class, we planned every aspect from flyers, invites, venue, exhibits, posters, and food. Concurrently we also participated in makerspace activities to depict complex biology concepts, and one such model of sliding filament theory of muscle contraction is what you see me holding up in the picture. Our maker space materials were simple recycled items such as cardboard, clay, pipe cleaners, etc. I liked this immensely since it helped me to be more creative, think hard on complex concepts, collaborate with my team, and learn by doing. With the event date looming, we passionately engaged in creating demos and models that would steal the show.

Finally, the big day arrived, and the venue was transformed into a buzzing hub of anticipation and excitement. The gymnasium artfully arranged with student exhibits from our class and other classes, stood as a testament to our arduous work: posters, demos, art, animations, graphics, and models found their strategic places. The auditorium was full of STCC, HCC, UMass students, parents, and local high schoolers. The event kicked off with a welcome by our college president Dr. Cook followed by a panel discussion by four UMass professors. They passionately discussed the escalating global temperatures and the importance of transitioning to clean energy towards steering our planet toward a greener, more sustainable future. My favorite talk was by Dr. David Bloniaz – the man with a mission to regreen Springfield. He showed us how planting trees in the city can clean our air, reduce energy consumption, and create habitats for animals and birds, like a green utopia! He made us tree-huggers for life.

My research was about the silent threat of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Because a doctor’s prescription is not needed, many mistakenly believe that they are safer than prescription medicines or illegal street drugs. But hold up! Some OTC cough syrups and pain relievers may contain codeine, which is a mild opiate that might lead to addiction. My mission? Educate the community on proper dosage, interactions, and spotting addiction signs thereby breaking the cycle for a healthier future. I was ecstatic since I received an honorable mention badge from the judges.

Lunch was a scrumptious affair with fresh pizza choices, chips, drinks, and cookies. Amidst the luncheon music, Rowdy the Ram, our spirited mascot, infused the atmosphere with love and laughter, orchestrating spontaneous dance sessions that had everyone on their feet. The Celebration of Student Work event proved to be a captivating blend of education and sheer enjoyment. I extend my heartfelt thanks to STCC, my incredible classmates, and Professor Randhir. I’m eagerly looking forward to the promise of more exciting events in the days to come!