Jose Cuellar is a business transfer major who plans to go to UMass Amherst. A Westfield, Mass., resident, Jose’s favorite color is orange and his favorite animal is an axolotl, an amphibian found in Mexico.

Here’s Jose’s message to STCC students:

Welcome STCC Students!  I am the SGA Student Body President for STCC. An individual who spends a lot of time in school, so much so that taking time off feels weird. I consider myself an outgoing person who just wants to see the world grow into something beautiful.

Becoming a part of the Student Government Association means a lot to me. I have always done my part in supporting my peers/community whenever I can. Taking on an SGA role holds that level of significance to me. If I can’t support our community the best I can, then I feel I haven’t done enough!

watch for my Virtual Office hours to be posted soon!