I am Lucas Soares. I recently graduated from STCC in the Electrical Engineering program and transferred to UMass Engineering program. I serve as the Ambassador and mentor for STEM Starter Academy at STCC.  I had the honor of participating in our Global Commons Symposium hosted by the STEM Starter Academy at STCC. It was a fantastic educational event. During the event, numerous world-class speakers gave presentations on the topic of conservation and sustainability of natural resources. All the presentations were unique and deeply informative. It was apparent that each speaker had a wealth of knowledge gained from years of experience in their field. It was fascinating to get a global perspective on sustainability. I realized that conservation of our Global commons or our earth’s shared natural resources, such as the oceans, the atmosphere and outer space is vital.

One speaker whose presentation especially stood out to me was Dr. Belina Xavier. She is from the University of Madras, located in Tamil Nadu, India. She gave a presentation all about water quality and sustainability in India. The presentation stressed how vital access to clean water is for the sustainability of an ecosystem and its inhabitants. She talked about how, as the world continues to populate and industrialize, and water pollution increases. In the presentation, she also showed some of the sustainable wastewater treatment plants that are so vital to aid in the conservation of water. Dr. Xavier did an excellent job outlining the need to limit water pollution. Dr. Duprey’s presentation on the case study of the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan was both alarming and fascinating.

In conclusion, the event was a great success. The moderator did an excellent job running the event. It was inspiring to learn from scientists the world over. I learned about many of the innovative methods experts are researching to help conserve our natural resources. The event provided me with a new perspective on global sustainability. I understand that to conserve our earth’s natural resources or global commons all countries must work together.