Hola! I’m Sarai Andrades, and I’m on my journey to become a registered nurse. As part of my prerequisites, I’m currently delving into the fascinating world of Anatomy and Physiology. Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of participating in the Sustainathon 2023 at STCC. This incredible event was a celebration of our beautiful planet and a platform to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues, such as climate change. 

This event was an absolute powerhouse of active learning and inspiration. High school students were welcomed by STCC student governance and biology students, given cool green shirts that read “I sustain” a powerful message in support of saving the earth. The event began with a welcome address by our President Cook, followed by presenter introductions. The real magic of this event were the 24 speakers who covered the different facets of Sustainability. The students demonstrated a strong interest in the various environmental topics presented at the booths. They were actively engaged, taking notes, exploring different displays, and absorbing the knowledge imparted. Additionally, the Sustainathon Research Poster competition showcased 25 posters that were also on display. With utmost pride, our STCC table proclaimed that it has been ranked as the 4th best community college in the USA! It showcased our 80+ programs and pathways, exemplifying the wide range of opportunities available to our students.    

Sarai Andrades

I had the privilege to present my research poster titled Innovations in Medical Diagnostic Tools: Enhancing Human Health Resilience to Climate Change. Through my research, I was able to test and validate my hypothesis that the utilization of diagnostic tools can lead to timely detection and effective treatment of climate change-induced health issues, ultimately improving human resilience. The significance of diagnostic tools in disease management cannot be overstated, and the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning in imaging processes has the potential to revolutionize disease prediction and therapy planning.

I was very impressed by the brilliance of Dr. Jun Yao, a  professor of electrical engineering from UMASS. He has created a revolutionary technology that can produce electricity from the moisture in the air! This innovative device, aptly named the Air-gen, is truly a marvel of modern science. It utilizes electrically conductive protein nanowires produced by a microbe called Geobacter. By connecting electrodes to these nanowires in a unique way, the Air-gen produces a steady stream of electrical current. It’s simply awe-inspiring to witness the power of nature harnessed in such a remarkable way!

At the call for action table, students had the chance to join the tree planting team and participate in energy-saving pledges. Attendees were then treated to a mouth-watering spread of pizza and salad for lunch. The atmosphere was then elevated with the delightful tunes of a live mariachi band, accompanied by dancing and a flurry of exciting games that added to the fun-filled event.

 In short, the Sustainathon event 2023 was an unforgettable experience that left me feeling inspired and energized. It was a true testament to the power of community and the importance of working together to create a brighter tomorrow.  I personally give a shout out to Professor Dr. Reena and Timothy Randhir for making this possible.