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October is ‘Savings & Investing’ Month! It’s never too late to think about saving more of your hard-earned money & investing it.

Are you saving ‘enough’? Exactly how much should you be saving? Do you have some money tucked away into an accessible ‘rainy-day’ fund for emergencies? How about saving some money for a down payment on a home or car? What about saving for retirement? 

If you don’t already have one, are you considering opening an interest-bearing savings, CD or money market account? How about stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds? These questions may all be running through your mind, and everyone’s situation is different. However, anyone can formulate a personal savings & investing plan, and the time to start is right now.

October’s ‘Homework’: Think of ‘3’ savings and investment goals that may apply to you that you want to learn more about, and post them on this blog site with your name and contact information. Every person who does so will receive a ‘free’ personal savings & investment consultation with Prof. Rondinelli to review your situation and get you the answers you need to start saving and investing now!”

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