Springfield Technical Community College is excited to offer the only two-year Urban Studies program in the state. This interdisciplinary program provides numerous transfer opportunities and prepares students for entry into a wide range of careers.  Urban studies is an exploration of the social and spatial dynamics of metropolitan areas and explores topics such as urbanization, suburbanization, and sprawl; segregation, gentrification, and housing; regional planning; and public health.  Required courses span multiple disciplines with a particular emphasis on sociology and history.  The degree is ideal for students who want to work in urban planning, social services, community organizations and non-profits, or government.

Urban studies is very much “of the moment” 

The program includes a significant public health component, which is particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This fall, sociology professor Dr. Raja Staggers will be offering a new course, “Health, Illness and Society.”  The course will include analyses of the patterns and causes of the spread of viruses and disease as well as the social conditions that affect health.  The Urban Studies program at STCC is a great option for students interested in the expanding field of public health. 

Causes and consequences of systemic racism

With course offerings such as “Race and Society,” the Urban Studies program at STCC is the place for students interested in examining the causes and consequences of systemic racism, an important issue in the context of the current uprisings against racism in the US and around the globe.  Studying and addressing social problems is central to the program and we strive to take what we learn in the classroom and apply it to the problems that exist within our own communities.  To that end, students in the program have the opportunity to intern with community organizations in the greater Springfield area.  Additionally, representatives from various community organizations are regularly invited to class to discuss local issues and the work being done to address them.

As part of the MassTransfer Program, students who earn a degree in Urban Studies at STCC are eligible to transfer to any Massachusetts public college or university as a junior in a wide variety of disciplines.  The College also has exciting partnerships with Westfield State University and Worcester State University, including opportunities for students to begin working on a master’s degree while completing their bachelor’s degree at either institution.  These options save students a significant amount of money and fast-track them for high paying positions in their field.  Many of the courses required for the program are offered on-line as well as on campus in order to accommodate students’ schedules. 

For more information on the Urban Studies program contact Professor Josh Carreiro by email or call (413) 755-4631.

Prof. Carreiro discusses Urban Studies on “STCC Around”