In a time when the COVID-19 pandemic may prevent colleges and universities from offering on-campus instruction, STCC gives students the opportunity to take high-quality online classes for transferable credits at a much more affordable price.  Why should you pay more for tuition at another college when you may be learning online anyway?

At STCC, we made the hard decision to plan ahead and put most of our classes online. We recognize the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and we believe that students should not need to put their health at risk to pursue their education.

By going online now, we can assure our students that their education will not be disrupted by COVID-19, and we can give our faculty the time that they need to prepare engaging online courses that are designed to support student success.  The faculty at STCC are working hard this summer to do just that.

I am often asked, “What do students DO in an online class?” In my art history classes, students may read, watch videos, take part in discussions, engage in interactive websites, and write about their responses to the art they view and their understanding of its cultural importance. 

In our online art studio classes, professors may provide instruction through videos, written descriptions, and links to practical demonstrations. Students will make artwork on their own but will be able to communicate with professors by email or other means to ask questions and get advice. Critiques and class conversations may take place virtually on a discussion board or a Google Doc. 

Why should you pay more for tuition at another college when you may be learning online anyway?

We are even thinking of new ways to create community amongst our students, such as a new Instagram initiative called #STCCcrit. Students will have the option to upload photos of their work for additional feedback from anyone searching for #STCCcrit. This kind of innovation will make for a very engaging semester, even if we can’t be together in the classroom.

STCC to Your Plan

Online education is affordable and flexible. Students from anywhere in the world can register for our classes and schedule their schoolwork around their other responsibilities. Students in my art history class tell me how the course has helped them develop a greater understanding of art, culture, history, and how we fit into it all. They report feeling surprised at how well they got to know their classmates and how invested they were in the class itself. I see their ability to write, observe, and think critically improve. I see students exercise different parts of their brains and personalities.  

This is a difficult time for many reasons. As professors, we are driven to give our students the best education possible, whether in person or online. Whether you are thinking of enrolling in our Liberal Arts Transfer Degree in Art or just want to take a few classes to get you through the fall semester, we are ready to work with you to further your education and career goals.

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