Do you need to complete your high school education in order to take the next step? STCC’s Springfield Adult Learning Center invites you to complete your high school diploma journey through our program’s free classes. These classes are designed for students who, for whatever reason, did not complete their high school diploma or are in need of additional academic skills in reading, math, science, social studies, writing, computer use, or job readiness skills. STCC’s Springfield Adult Learning Center offers a second chance to increase these skills and to earn a high school equivalency certificate (HiSET).

Our staff and instructors are passionate about helping students on their journey to completing this goal. No matter when you stopped-out of high school, no matter what your reasons were, we are here to offer free classes, academic support as well as intensive advising to prepare you for your next step.

It’s Free!

Our online classes are free. Our materials and supplies are free.

To apply, go to our online application, set-up an account, fill out the application. Our Intake Specialist will contact you to review your application, set up your assessments, and discuss your needs.

In order to enroll in our classes, you must be a Massachusetts resident, 17 years of age (or older), no longer attending a high school, and have a desire to continue on your academic journey. 17-year-olds will need a withdrawal letter from the most recent high school and their parent’s permission when applying for this program.

For students looking for additional training and education, we have several different pathways available through our Workforce Development Center classes, Hampden Prep program, and our Transition to College program.

Hampden Prep

The Hampden Prep program offers intensive digital and computer use skills and certificate training that aligns to employment and career pathways.

Transition to College

Our Transition to College program is a free, first year college experience to support students in becoming successful independent college students. I look forward to meeting you online and being part of your journey to success.

Apply Now!

To apply please complete our online application. Please note, new applicants need to click “Create New Account” and create an account with a username and password.

For more information, please email

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