You don’t have to be a full-time student to reap the benefits of Springfield Technical Community College. You can even be enrolled at another college or university and come to STCC to get ahead.

That’s what Byron Jones did.

Jones took two classes at STCC one summer while he was enrolled at a four-year university. In one class he learned about Microsoft applications such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. He said the course was not available at his university.

His other class was biology, which was offered at his institution. But he heard good things about the STCC course and decided to sign up.

He applied the credits earned in both classes toward his degree in communications and psychology at his university. 

He has since graduated and is a digital marketing strategist for MassLive. But Jones said he uses lessons learned in the STCC Microsoft class for his job. He even helped a friend with Excel as he was preparing for a job interview.

“That Microsoft course has helped me out a lot throughout the years,” Jones said. “The biology course, which I took over the summer, helped me get a leg up while I was pursuing my degree.”

“I was working,” Jones added. “I was going from work to STCC to take the course. It was convenient. And the two courses were affordable. It definitely is worth it to take courses at STCC. It was a good experience. I really enjoyed it.”

Interested in getting started at STCC, the only technical community college in Massachusetts? STCC welcomes students with all kinds of different backgrounds and stories. At STCC, you will find students like Jones who may be enrolled at another college or may be working full-time and taking a few classes for professional development.

STCC also welcomes transfer students – people who might feel that their college is not the right fit. At STCC, you’ll find senior citizens who realized it’s never too late to take college classes or get a degree. You’ll find international students who find STCC is one of the most affordable options. You will meet returning graduates who are pursuing another degree or certificate or need to take a few classes for professional development.

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As Jones said, “I’m glad I had the chance to take a couple of courses here at STCC. I kind of wish I took more.”

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