The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security or CARES Act relief package, signed into law March 27, 2020, provided the American economy with over $2 trillion in aid meant to assist American workers, families, and small businesses through economic hardships brought on by COVID-19.

Springfield Technical Community College has received $3,845,054 from the CARES Act in order to help the campus community successfully navigate its way through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Half of this award ($1,922,527) was allocated to help the institution itself cover the added costs brought on by the pandemic. The other half has been set aside to assist students affected by the campus closure. Students who qualified, based on their eligibility for Title IV funding, were selected automatically and awarded a $350 grant to help cover the added costs associated with campus closure and remote learning. Altogether, 2,795 students received a check with a total of $978,250 being distributed.

If a student was selected to receive the initial CARES Act grant of $350, they are then also eligible to apply for additional CARES Act funding by completing the CARES fund request form available through Student Financial Services. This is intended to help students with any additional costs of education caused by the closure of the campus due to the Coronavirus outbreak that were not covered by the originally awarded amount.

So far, 49 students have been approved for additional funds with a total of $12,843 being distributed to students. To date, STCC has distributed $991,093 to students in need. We are continuing to review applications we have received and will continue to report this information via our website listed below.

More information can be found, including STCC’s CARES fund request form or by reaching out to Student Financial Services at, 413-755-4214 or thru Chat Now! feature on our website.

Emergency help can also be accessed through the Center for Access Services (CAS).