I wish I had been part of TRIO SSS when I was in college.

Even though I excelled in high school, I was often overwhelmed with feelings of self-doubt, frustration, stress and anxiety in college. Attending college was a major life change and, because neither of my parents had earned a college degree, they were unable to help me make sense of this new world.

I had to learn about new processes such as registering for classes, waiving health insurance, applying for financial aid and transferring. I had to take on new financial responsibilities to pay for college. I had to develop new study skills and time management skills to adjust to the new academic demands.

I did all of this on my own but, if I was part of TRIO SSS, that would not have been the case.  

TRIO SSS provides a one-of-a-kind support system that helps eligible students grow and succeed at college and beyond. Specifically, TRIO SSS is proudly committed to the success of college students who are first generation, meet income guidelines, and/or have a documented disability.

Opportunities. Students who are accepted into TRIO SSS receive several free benefits including their very own TRIO SSS counselor, access to appointment based, one-on-one tutoring and admission to all TRIO SSS workshops and events. TRIO participants can also receive free Math software codes (My Math Lab, Connect Access for Statistics, etc.) and/or apply for TRIO Grant Aid scholarships!

Growth. Through regular meetings with their assigned TRIO SSS counselor, use of TRIO SSS tutors, and participation in TRIO SSS events, TRIO SSS students receive specialized support in their academic, career, and/or transferring journey. Additionally, TRIO SSS students increase their financial literacy and receive assistance with applying for FAFSA and scholarships. As a result, TRIO SSS students grow academically, personally and financially.

Connections. Last but certainly not least, TRIO SSS students are able to build deep connections and establish a strong support system with TRIO SSS staff and other TRIO students. Within the TRIO SSS office, TRIO SSS students will find a space where they are always welcomed.

I honestly believe any college student would benefit from being in the TRIO SSS program and the great news is (insert imaginary drum roll here)…TRIO SSS is currently accepting new applicants! If you are interested in learning more about TRIO SSS, and want to apply in order to reap the rewards of participation, please do not hesitate to contact us at ssserv@stcc.edu!

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