Springfield Technical Community College President John B. Cook sat down for a “STCC Around” interview on WTCC , 90.7 FM, to discuss the relocation of the health programs from Building 20 on campus.

Dr. Cook said STCC’s “antique campus” features wonderful buildings that also need a lot of care.

“Building 20 dates back to 1941. We haven’t been in the top two floors since 2005. It needs a lot of attention and work, so we really found ourselves in an untenable position,” he said on the May 12 airing of “STCC Around.”

The plan, he told listeners, is to move all 18 degree and certificate allied health programs out of Building 20 and into space in Building 13 and Springfield Technology Park.

STCC received $30 million in state funding to put toward the project. The total funding is $41.5, with $11.5 million coming from other entities.

“That is a stunning amount in this day in age for a public  higher education infrastructure project in Massachusetts,” he said.

Dr. Cook said there is strong commitment from stakeholders, including the STCC Foundation, the regional legislative delegation and the Board of Trustees.

“That really is a powerful statement for those in the community about how much we have all rallied around this project,” he said.

Listen to the “STCC Around” episode featuring Dr. Cook’s discussion of the relocation of health programs.