Team Name: “JeElLeUt”- Pandemia

Team Members:  Jeanmarie Leone, Lee Brual, Eylen Diaz Soto, Utsav Lakhlani  

Team Mentor: Prof. Zahi Haddard

Taking the first two letters of each team members name, we were Team H “JeElLeUt  “ pronounced “ Jelly-Ut”, Je ( for Jeanmarie Leone) El (for Eylen Diaz Soto )Le ( for Lee Brual) and Ut ( for Utsav Lahklani). Pandemia was added to our name later by Team member Utsav to reflect the same spirit of joyfulness in turning the Pandemic into something less threatening. Our deepest, most heartfelt gratitude, respect, and appreciation to Zahi Haddad for coaching our Team in the competition and in our team win.

Our team presented STCC STUDENT SUCCESS for the Pandemic, a one-stop access point for all services related to assisting STCC STUDENTS SUCCESS during the Pandemic. With links to STCC Health Care Services Wellness Center, Coronavirus Testing, Federal  Corona Cares Act information , Ram Cupboard, Emergency Student Fund,  Maximizing your Financial Aid  and Scholarships , and Mental Health and Self-care access links, Our Team Hope is to provide a working site to assist the STCC  Student community to access these vital resources.

We wish to express our sincere depth of respectful gratitude and appreciation to the dedicated Members of STCC CREATES STEM CHALLENGE.