On Thursday, STCC President John B. Cook and staff joined representatives from other community colleges on the ball field field in Worcester to celebrate WooSox Community College Night.

Dr. Cook, Miguel Maria, Director of Male Initiatives for Leadership Education and Jose Lopez-Figueroa, Director of the Center for Access Services, took a field trip to Worcester to represent Springfield Technical Community College. Jim Danko, Assistant Director of Communications, joined them to photograph the event.

They went onto the field at Polar Park in college gear at the start of the evening to recognize the night as community college night.

The Worcester Red Sox (nicknamed the WooSox) are a professional minor league baseball team. The team is the Triple-A affiliate of the Red Sox. Polar Park, home of the WooSox, is an appealing and fun and family friendly stadium about an hour’s drive from Springfield. The Worcester Red Sox this week wrapped up their second season.

On Thursday, Michael Dukakis, former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate, threw out the first pitch in a game against the Syracuse Mets.