Hello, I’m Emerson Alexander. My team members, Zach Perry and Muhammad Khan, and I participated in the 2020 STCC Creates Challenge Event. Our team name is Dynamic Trio! I also serve as a mentor and ambassador for the STEM Starter Academy and usually help coordinate our events. But I enjoy participating in the Create event since I am part of a dynamic team. The event was focused on creating a virtual tool to help with student success; we developed an app, STCC Community Hub, to help students find resources. Our title was ‘Creating a Community at STCC’, this reflects our goal for the app. I chose to work on App design since it is one of the top STEM skills currently in demand. A mobile app for Student Success can perform actions such as view community events, purchase and sell school supplies and textbooks with other students, and find tutors, lab partners, and SI meeting times. It was challenging, yet fun! Teamwork is very important, it requires dedication, patience, and communication. During our first zoom workshop we were taught App Design, Website design and Gaming. We choose App design since Apps are quicker and make data retrieval faster than a mobile website that generally uses web servers.

My favorite part was seeing all of the other groups present their websites, apps, and videogames. In viewing the other developments and creating our own we all learned about the plentiful resources STCC has to offer; you can tell STCC strives for students’ success. Zach stated, “I had a good time!” People from any major could join, Muhummad said, “It was a very good experience that a person from a non computer background got to see so many cool things and discover so many things that could be done with computers.” My team appreciates all of the guidance from our mentor Dr. Mehmet Savasci and hard work from the STEM Starter Academy. 

Muhammad Khan said, “I recently attended STCC Creates, and I have to say I was really busy with my classes but fortunately my team was very supportive and they still appreciated my participation. Dr. Reena Randhir, the head of the STEM Starter Academy program, was very motivated, and it was a very good experience. As a person from a non computer background, I got to see so many cool things and discover so many things that could be done with computers. At the end, my team did a great job. We sure did enjoy working together in a supportive environment with such talented people.”