How sweet it is!

The Welcome Back Event called the STCC SoSweet Stop-In Celebration on Sept. 1 was a chance for STCC staff and faculty to catch up at the start of a new semester. There were new faces mixed in with folks who have been at the college for years. About 95 staff and faculty gathered in the forum of the Student Learning Commons for the festivities. To see the photos in Dropbox or download any of them, click here.

Miguel Maria started at STCC on Monday, just two days before the event. He’s the new Director of Male Initiative for Leadership and Education.

“This is fun and I get to meet people from across the campus,” Miguel said.

Gloryvee Diaz, the Internship and Career Services Coordinator in Workforce Development, also thought it was a great chance to chat with colleagues and enjoy sweets – cookies, brownies, soft drinks.

“It was a great way to kick off the new academic year,” Gloryvee said.

Dr. Shai Butler, herself a new face at STCC, took to the podium to welcome everyone and introduce herself. She serves as Interim Vice President of Advancement and External Affairs. She and her team in marketing and advancement organized the STCC SoSweet Stop-In Celebration.

Staff Assistant Eunice Guidry came up with a list of questions for the STCC Scavenger Hunt. She asked teams to take pictures in front of locations that were clues in the questions.  Teams set off across campus with instructions in hand:

“Take a picture by the building that holds a time capsule” (answer: Building 13)

“Take a picture in front of our founding President’s office building” (answer: Building 16)

“Take a picture in front of the building named after STCC’s First Chairman of the Trustee Board” (answer: Deliso Hall)

“Take a picture in front of the building that was named after the longest continuously elected representative in Massachusetts, in fact. America.” (answer: Scibelli Hall)

Those were just a few of the fun questions Eunice came up with.

Congratulations to the winning teams who were given prizes, including a “STCC Swag Bag.”

First place, SHPS ROCKS!!: Esther Perrelli Brookes, Renae Gorman, Scott Frink and Tom Guzowski.

Second place, Business Office Team: Jason Cohen, Katherine Sobieraj and Luz Santos.

Third place, AA Angels: Vanessa Owens, Amanda Dufault, Karlene Smith-Shaw and Nanette Flores.